Embody DEA
The Artists
Charlotte Onyschuk - Nova Scotia, Canada
Gabriel Krekk - Arizona, U.S.A.
Watercolor Artist and Photographer. Gabriel Krekk has been capturing the American Western lifestyle with both his Photography and his Watercolor paintings since 2008. In 2012, he set off on a new focused body of work with his multi-year project, Gabriel Krekk’s American Cowgirls. This project began in May 2013 with the first photoshoot with American Cowgirl #1- Joi Ashli of Arizona. Each photoshoot and painting brought new attention to his project and by 2015, had garnered the attention of media, with magazines and television coverage of both his photographs and his paintings. His love for the western lifestyle and the traditional deep family values was powerful enough to move his heart in capturing the true American Cowgirl and promoting their empowerment, strength, courage and dedication to the world in both his images and his art. Krekk’s photo images have been published in many magazines across the U.S. including The Western Shooting Journal, Rodeo News, Horse and Rider, The Fence Post, Cavvy Savvy and many more. His most recent covered work is in the new published book “ Cowgirl - the Real American Brand” authored by Lana Randall of Wyoming . His Watercolor illustrations were also published in the book “ Walk Ride Rodeo “ authored by Amberley Snyder of Utah. Netflix released the movie Walk Ride Rodeo in March 2019.. Krekk is also a standing member of an elite group of 12 of Canada’s finest contemporary realist Artists called Canada’s “ The Group of Twelve”. This Group will be focusing on a new Exhibition in North American in 2023. In 2007, Krekk launched his “For Freedom Project” donating his Signature Series Prints of “For Freedom” to organizations across America. You may follow along with Gabriel Krekk’s American Cowgirls at www.americancowgirls.com
Acrylics & Mixed Media Artist Charlotte Onyschuk may be one of Canada’s best kept secrets in the world of Art. Her diversified work in acrylics and mixed media is centered around both Realism and abstract have kept her collectors and return commissioners totally intrigued with her Artistic abilities. Her paintings have been published on the front covers of many books and she continues to accept Commissioned work. Born in Richmond Hill, Ontario in 1981, Charlotte is the eldest of five children. Her artistic talents emerged at an early age where she gives her mother the acknowledgement as to the driving force behind her developing and pursuing her artistic career. Charlotte would see many changes in her life and she has made Wolfville, Nova Scotia her final home where she generates her works of art while raising her three sons and adding her Entrepreneurial side of running her Hair Salon business. She dedicates a good portion of her free time in the beauty of Yoga where she excels in the flow and her connectivity to the Earth. She takes time in searching the beaches of the Annapolis valley for nature’s washed up treasures which she uses in her composite art creations. Her expressive ability in the application of her mediums is truly rare and her imagination is unbound. Her studies at the Nova Scotia College of Arts and Design allowed her to find her own creative path in the Arts and she rarely misses an opportunity to take her cameras into the field to capture another possibility for one of her creations on canvas. Many of Charlotte’s paintings are Acrylic completed on masonite but she keeps a large collection of oils on canvas and other mediums. You may follow Charlotte on Facebook at Art of Charlotte Onyschuk.